The Driving Lessons

Driver Course Options

  1. Gov’t Certified Insurance Reduction Program. $695
    15 hrs Classroom & at least 10 hrs of in-car instruction.
  2. Anxious Student  $904
    Same as above but with at least 14 hrs of in-car instruction for the student with little experience and a lot of anxiety.
  3. Anxious Parent  $995
    Same as above but with at least 16 hrs of in-car instruction for the parent who is too anxious to practice much with the student between driving lessons.
  4. Boot Camp Basic $355
    Ideal if you just got a learner permit. Learn how to handle a car before practicing with Mom/Dad or taking the full insurance reduction program.
  5. Brush up lesson  $140
    Usually, a single 2 hr lesson to refresh the student for a test or upgraded license.
  6. Custom Made. (Like intro to winter driving)
    Based on your needs and worked out with our office.

*gst must be added

**Add $25.00 if you want to take the class “online” (waived til Dec 31, 2023).
**Add $70.00 + gst if you want pick up in Morinville, Spr. Grove, Sturgeon Comp or Edmonton
**No GST applies for “webinars” if AHS bars in-person classes
**Allow 4 week delay for in-car lessons due to our backlog of work (May to Oct)
**There is a service fee of at least $50 on refund requests.
**There is a missed lesson fee of $65 for last minute lesson cancellations/no show.
**There is a service fee of $25 for each customer change to a driving lesson schedule (May to Oct)

***Prices subject to change without notice